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Swinging Chicken - Endless Arcade Hopper

4.8 ( 5888 ratings )
Giochi Intrattenimento Arcade Famiglia
Sviluppatore Yosif Genchev

”Attractive Graphics.”
Challenging game physics!
”Challenging and Addictive levels.”

Swinging Chicken is an amazing game that is easy enough to be mistaken for a casual game, but it is, indeed, tough to learn and seemingly unfeasible to master. The bird floats up automatically, and directly into the pathway of swinging hammers and deadly platforms, which can kill her and end your game with just one hit.

Swinging Chicken combines the cute pixel art with masochistic complexity, this time relinquishing you with the innocent life of a bug-eyed aspirant bird. The problem is, once the bird starts to turn she’ll swiftly accelerate in that direction. By tapping anywhere on the screen, you can change the direction of the bird, making her fly to the right or the left, in the hope of evading those obstacles. Make sure to find a rhythm and you will have a great opportunity to compete against your friends for higher score!

Challenging Levels
Amazing graphics – with a pixel style chicken!
100% secure! Anti Virus tested!